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K-Drama Review: My Wife’s Having An Affair This Week

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Songs for the Soul

If it isn’t already obvious enough, I struggle with a little something called dysthymia, which is a persistent depressive disorder. The full story on that can be addressed at another time. Meanwhile, since my episodes have been… the worst for the past month, here is some music that’s actually been getting me through it in one piece. Continue reading “Songs for the Soul”

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No, I’m not Hannah Baker

As I write this, many dark thoughts cloud my head.

I’m not okay. I haven’t been in awhile. I can’t really remember the last time I felt genuinely happy. I’d be in and out of negative and positive moods. But most of the positive feel faker than the concept of time. How self-absorbed, right? First blog post is just a word vomit of me and my first world problem.

Don’t worry. It only gets worse.

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