Born in the PH. Raised in Ras Tanura, KSA.¬†Currently residing back in the motherland, or what I’d like to call Mango Paradise. Though contemplating my escape. Because hey, the entire world is our home as human beings.

Why did I start this blog? Simple.¬†I just want to write my heart out with the utmost honesty. Whether it’s personal rants, musings, or struggles, rambles on my interests, and maybe even occasional promotion of self-love and body positivity, this humble lil’ blog is here for it. For anyone who may be feeling alone with their suffocating problems. For anyone who needs a good laugh. For anyone who is just as lost as I am in life and is trying to find their way through whatever their path is on earth.

Thus, anything goes…

The good and the bad. The new and the old. The random, the simple, the quirky.

So, thanks for sticking around or taking a quick peek. You’ve seen at least a tiny piece of my soul. xx