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K-Drama Review: My Wife’s Having An Affair This Week

The story and plot

Pretty simple, as the title leads. A man’s (Do Hyun Woo, played by Lee Sun Kyun) wife has an affair. Pretty unexpectedly too, because the first couple of episodes explore the normal relationship between husband and wife. Of course, I knew that the wife (Jung Soo Yeon, played by Song Ji Hyo) was going to do it/was having it. But the thing is, their relationship seemed perfectly fine. But more on that in the next segment.

Do Hyun Woo is a producer in a decent broadcasting company who later seeks for advice on the internet (a message board) after discovering his wife’s affair. Ironically, he also produces a show that centers around wives in Korea who are also cheating on their husbands. So, you can just imagine the stress and catastrophe that ensues.

There are also minor stories on the side for some of the other characters, which I thoroughly enjoyed as much as the main story. Which says a lot, because I usually get sick of the main leads as the plot progresses. But in this drama, I was more intrigued by them as well as the minor characters.

What I like the most about the plot was the way it was written. Realistic and intelligent. In a lot of ways, the drama opens your eyes to a whole new perspective. The way they portrayed adultery was neither over the top nor bland, unlike what you usually see in movies or shows that cover the same issue.


The characters and their development

On the surface, you would think that Hyun Woo and Soo Yeon were just like any other normal married couple. Maybe even better than most. That was my initial thought. I kept racking my brain as to why Soo Yeon would have an affair when they seem to have a fine relationship. But that’s just what it was. They were TOO fine.

Each episode you watch is vital, because it was essential to the characters and their relationships. Like slowly peeling an onion, with each layer, you get to know everyone flaws and all. The people in the drama felt REAL. Their traits and their being were raw in every sense of the word. I think that’s what I liked the most about them. Literally no one was perfect. No one was a glossed over stereotype or completely sinister and villainous. Much like real life, there aren’t any particular antagonists that try to ruin your every single move. Just other human beings like you who are getting by life as they see fit.

Also, the most heinous cheater got what he deserved so…. no complaints there either.


The acting

Only okay.

The acting wasn’t exceptionally bad or particularly great. It was in the middle. I’m a crier and I didn’t cry once the entire time I was watching the drama. I was moved, sure. But there wasn’t anything that got to me. Maybe it’s because I can’t relate to marital issues, maybe it’s because I’m terrified of commitment and I was just glad I wasn’t experiencing everything I was watching for myself.

But I think that’s what the drama needed anyway. Natural acting as opposed to something overly heart-wrenching. There’s a time, place, and genre for that after all.


The cinematography

Great! Clean and crisp. Straightforward.

I know that editing isn’t a part of this aspect, but that element of the drama deserves a shoutout on its own. So, I’m gonna go ahead and put that here anyway.


The soundtrack

Lovely and suitable to necessary scenes. But not something I would listen to during my free time.


Overall rating: 9/10

Would I recommend it or not? Definitely. I wouldn’t watch it again any time soon, but I would definitely recommend it to people who want the right dose of a bittersweet reality.


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